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Welcome to the world of Mmicrosite ®. We are an integrated media services provider that offers professional photography, motion picture video, web design, web hosting, dot com names, 3D walkabout technology, and many other web related services. We can design, build, implement, integrate, maintain, and host any kind of web based system using a variety of technologies that incorporate photos, video, databases, catalogues, and even order processing.

Unlike most other web design companies, we can also synchronize your web presence with the real world through the use of Direct Mail, online advertising, print media, search engine campaigns, and even radio spots giving your business a complete media services solution. Please give us a call today to see how we can help make your business a success!
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Apartment Rental System
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Mmicrosite ® Products and Services
Mmicrosite ® designs all sites to be compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera Software internet browsers
Internet and Website Development

Mmicrosite ® Systems : The many unique benefits and features of Mmicrosites allow for small, inexpensive sites to have a wealth of functions that are normally unattainable through conventional website technology. Built on a rugged platform of vertical search engine integration, these sites are highly indexed by the web, can merge into private commercial networks, and automatically form bonds with their neighbourhood community. Mmicrosites can be single page sites or hold a thousand pages they can fit your business no matter what you sell or where you sell it.

Photo of a Mmicrosite ® Realtor Website Conventional Websites : Mmicrosite ® designs, constructs, and hosts conventional dot-com websites, from simple one page sites to complex systems that contain online catalogues and credit card processing. Whether you need a small business site that provides basic information or a large dynamic website requiring real time transactions, we can create a solution that is right for you.
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268 - 157 Adelaide St W
Toronto ON CA M5H 4E7
Phone: (416) 363-5344

Phone: (416) 203-0560
Mmicrosite ® Direct Mail uses Canada Post Commerical Delivery Services
Marketing and Direct Mail Services

Photo of Mmicrosite ® Direct Mail items Canada Post and Direct Mail Solutions : Mmicrosite ® can provide economical advertising solutions using targeted post card or newsletter campaigns tailored to your needs, that can effectively advertise both your website and your business. We can deliver to specific neighbourhood blocks or blanket an entire city, set delivery geographically or determine distribution based on demographic analysis. All programs are linked to your web presence and can include coupons and time limited offers.

Integrated Marketing Programs : Mmicrosite ® can provide marketing and advertising programs that combine web presence with search engine campaigns, direct mail promotion, print, street, and billboard media, and even radio ads. Have us create a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign for your business.
Real Estate and Rental Property Management

Photo of a typical Rental Mmicrosite ® Rental Property Solutions : Mmicrosite ® owns and operates some of the largest rental property networks in Canada, listing thousands of vacancies that are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people each month. We develop and market websites for property management companies, rental building owners, and rental leasing specialists. Our systems utilize Online Operator services to guarantee a high degree of customer satisfaction, and have a set-and-forget automated vacancy posting system. We operate networks for Apartments2Rent.Net, RenterSite.Com, and Toronto Vacancies.Com.

Photo of a typical Real Estate Broker Mmicrosite ® using a TREB IDX interface Real Estate Solutions : Mmicrosite ® develops and operates both IDX and DTA online property systems that can display MLS listings and real estate property maps. We create websites for brokers, real estate offices, and real estate sales representatives. Custom work is our specialty. We can design unique sites for individual real estate sales representatives or brokerage offices that will set you apart from the crowd. Let us design an economical custom solution for your real estate needs that reflects your unique business focus and outlook.
Community Neighbourhoods and Directories

Photo of a typice Restaurant Mmicrosite ® Restaurant and Service Networks : Mmicrosites automatically chain together to form online communities of neighbourhoods or industries. Restaurants in a city will automatically link together and classify themselves by neighbourhood and venue. Retail businesses link to form neighbourhood blocks, and blocks link up to form communities. These neighbourhood communities can automatically obtain an online exposure that is much greater than what a business could attract on its own. Working together benefits everyone. Sign up your business today for an Office, Retail, Service, or Restaurant Mmicrosite ® package the return on value far exceeds the small cost, and the benefits can be enormous!

Photo of a typical Mmicrosite ® Business Directory Community and Retail Shopping Networks : Because Mmicrosites network together automatically, they can be easily grouped into tourist areas, shopping malls, and branch or franchise listings. These networks automatically form directory systems that allow users to locate any business in the network based on location, product, or category. Since Mmicrosites organize themselves into groups without any human intervention, no one needs to maintain the directories or determine search criteria. This makes it ideal for use in systems such as commercial building directories that have many tenants, or in retail malls where store directories are constantly changing.

Commercial Networks and Kiosk Solutions

Photo of Mmicrosite-enabled Touch Screen Phones iPhone Application Development : Mmicrosite ® develops and markets Apple iPhone Apps for community networking, retail directories, and neighbourhood mapping. Apps can be used to locate properties, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and other businesses, or it can be used to locate items or services sold by these businesses, such as shoes, or sushi, or salon treatments. This is a great product for integrating franchise and branch operations. This market is rapidly growing one day every customer will be using similar services. Get in early and enjoy the benefit of being one of the first businesses onApp.

Photo of Mmicrosite ® Touch Screen Systems Touch Screen Systems : Mmicrosite ® develops commercial touch screen networks that can be used for a variety of directory applications, including neighbourhood integration, hotel retailing, and shopping wayfinders. Touch screens are often placed in monitored public areas as an extension of a concierge desk, service counter, or security checkpoint. Our systems are often utilized to display directories, maps, and general information about a building and its surrounding neighbourhood.

Public Kiosk Networks : Mmicrosite ® develops commercial kiosk networks that combine touch screen technology with ruggedized keyboards and tamperproof housings. Units are self sufficient, wireless, and do not require monitoring or a network cable.
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As you can see, the Mmicrosite ® world has a variety of media solutions for your needs. Imagine integrating all of these technologies into one focused, seamless marketing presence for your business. We can do that for you. Use all of our technologies or just use one we have the flexibility and commitment to provide you with the best in product and service no matter what you decide. Just give us a call to begin. You can also create your own Mmicrosite ® online right now, in 10 minutes or less, by using the functions shown below.

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For information on Mmicrosite ® Media Services, including websites, flyers, photography, campaigns, and directory listings please call 416-363-5344.
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